Friday, September 14, 2012

Preposition is The Boss Of English (Part 01)

Hi guys most of the students don't know about use of preposition.They Think preposition is a difficult lesson in English but i think if you tried heard and soul than you can solve it properly.So today we discuss some  preposition which is very important for BCS,Bank and any competition Exam.Please solve this without help answer sheet.Now we can start this:

1. Your conduct admits ____ No excuse.

Ans: Of

2.Rizvi requested Rini _______Telephone to attend the meeting.

Ans: Over

3.Many Perfect donating money ________distributing clothes.

Ans: To

4.Julia has been ill _________________three months.

Ans: For

5.There is no alternative __________Training.

Ans: To

6.Hurry up! we have to go _____________Five minutes.

Ans: In 

7."Prior to" means _________________?

Ans: Before

8.My brother has no interested ___________music.

Ans: In

9.He is devoid ______________________Commonsense.

Ans: Of

10.He divided the Money _____________________the two children.

Ans: Between

If you find anything wrong please inform me.i am waiting for your kind response.


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