Friday, November 16, 2012

Article and Group Verb(Part 01)

Friends try this with out any confusion. Really it will be helpful for you.If you think it is important for all kinds of students than share with your friends.

01.My neighbour is ________ photographer;let's ask him for ______________ advice about.

Ans:A,No article.

02.I can't forget _________ kindness with which he treated me.

Ans: The

03.Tamara speaks very ______ Russian,but she knows ______________ words.

Ans:Little,A Few

04.Which one is correct?

Ans: He is a European.

05.I have got _______ friends,So i am not lonely.

Ans:A few

06.I don't drink _____________ tea.

Ans: Much.

07.I have _________ enemies,But they can do me ______________ harm.

Ans:A few,Little.
08.I only want _____________ Little sugar in my tea,Please.

Ans: a

09.Choose the correct sentence?

Ans: I need some furniture.

10.Meter is _______ unit of length.

Ans: A

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