Saturday, September 15, 2012

Some Important "Phrases and Idioms"(Part 01)

Hi friends today we discuss some Important "Phrases and Idioms".I think it will be 100% percent helpful for you and your career.Let we can start this:

1.To Keep One's head means___________

Ans:To keep calm.

2.To read between the lines______________

Ans:To read carefully.

3.The horror movie scared them out of  their_____________


4.The bad news struck him like a bolt from the___________


5."To get along with" Means___________

Ans:To Adjust.

6.What is the meaning ""White Elephent"?

Ans:A very costly or troublesome possession.

7.Maiden Speech means__________

Ans:First Speech.

8."Out and Out " Means_____________


9.Through thick and thin' Means___________

Ans:Under all Conditions.

10.Explain the Meaning of "Bring to Pass"

Ans:Cause to happen.

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